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October 23, 2008


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Marilyn Moore

Cleaning? What is that? Seriously, my husband does all the deep cleaning in our house. I do get a little into cleaning if people are coming to a gathering of some sort. However, we clean after a visit from Paul's son and wife and two boys from Oregon (ages two and four). Keaton and Sullivan are a wrecking crew!!

Karen Hill

Sorry to be off-topic. I tried to email you something at a comcast address I had for you. Is that still a good address? Is there a better way to send you some information?


p.s. cleaning - mine's sporadic, DH is no help at all.


Deep cleaning for me is motivated by the desire to put up my Christmas decorations :) So this weekend was the last of the big cleaning - the furniture and carpets. Needless to say, my fingers, back, and arms ache from removing dirt from every part of the house. It looks beautiful and is now officially ready for the holidays. But I'll wait until mid-November to start decorating :)


Glad you like the soup! I hear you on the cleaning...our house always looks pretty good, unless you happen to look around the edges of the floors...

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