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October 02, 2008


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susan opel

Buy lots of interim clothes, Cath! It will make you feel good. I got some the other day and I felt like a hundred bucks.

You are looking good and trying so hard. Keep it up! I'm rooting for you!


Just had to drop in and say I am really enjoying your blog.

Also, my mom just went through the journey of losing 100+ pounds and she says the interim clothes were like an accelerator because they made her look good in the interim...and when she felt good it helped her stay motivated...

Hope you have a productive day!

becky olsen

A Moxie Fab list, I would love to see all of those submissions, although I would have a terrible time selecting. The talent in the pool right now is so inspiring!
Good stuff with the weight loss, go girl!!!

Rachel Greig

What????? May/June deadline already!!!!??? Yikes! I better go look at the list and get cracking!

Rachel Greig

oh drats...just checked and I missed the deadline! Good luck to all those who submitted!!! :)

Diane DiTullio

Wow, I thought I had a busy day! You've got to be the queen of organization to keep all of that straight. LOL. So happy for you that you are seeing progress with your clothes. Isn't that a great feeling? I agree...definitely get some interim clothes. It will make you feel even better. Enjoy your card making time tomorrow. I know I will!

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