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September 19, 2008


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Sounds wonderful Cath! Enjoy!

Stefanie Hamilton

Hope you have a great time, Cath! I received your package of cards today - thank you so much. They are wonderful!

Marilyn Moore


Thanks for your encouraging comments about my blog. I do love writing on a blog, even though I don't know anyone else my age blogging. I had to laugh at my dad on the phone last night. He told me he saw my blog on my nephew's computer. I never thought my dad would see it!

You are an amazing young woman, Catherine. I think you are very well-rounded and balanced as an individual. You have great insight into life and probably wouldn't have all the insight and maturity you do without going through the challenges of your childhood. You definitely came out of all the trials on top of your game.

I think we all had a wonderful time. It is refreshing to have a younger person along for the ride. You added enthusiasm and an upbeat perspective to the conversations.

Thanks again for driving. You are a good driver.


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