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September 29, 2008


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Linda Beeson

It is going to be so fun to celebrate Card Making day with you and the Papercrafts crew! The weird thing is about everyday is Card Making day for me!!!

Rachel Greig

Hey Cath! I'm tecahing a couple of card make & takes at my local scrapbook store here in Australia. Should be fun!!!

Dale Anne

I will be starting my Christmas cards on Sat. WCMD and I LOVE making my own cards as I can make them specific to the person I'm giving them to. No generic cards for me!
I LOVE receiving them also and really anything handmade, I LOVE!

Dale Anne

I will be starting my Christmas cards on Sat. WCMD and I LOVE making my own cards as I can make them specific to the person I'm giving them to. No generic cards for me!
I LOVE receiving them also and really anything handmade, I LOVE!


I will be attending the wedding of a friend/coworker and presenting her with a lovely handmade wedding card. She has a black & white color theme and the card is black & white with a little PTI aqua mist trim. :)


I think the best part of card making is the reaction of the person who receives the card!


What I love about making cards? Same as scrap booking, it's a little of me in every creation that I share with someone.
What I love about getting a hand made card? The joy of knowing that it was something that someone thought about, planned and then created just for me! Plus, looking at what they do to inspire a future card from me!
How am I planning on spending WCMD? Making cards baby! :)

Jen K

I would love the mag! Thanks for the chance. :)


I love card-making because it allows me to create something tangible and beautiful! And I love learning new techniques.

Amanda Teel

I love making and receiving homemade cards, it is so much more personal than a generic store bought one!~Amanda Teel


Thanks for the chance to win. I just in the last couple of months started making cards. They are so fun and great way to use scraps. But some the ideas on blogs are just absolutely beautiful.....doesn't look like scraps at all. Happy WCMD and have a blessed day.


you know what? i don't receive any handmade cards but that's all i give out! i love this industry, it's given so much to my life. i'll be hosting a stamp camp at my house on saturday and i can't wait! i haven't had one in 6 months!

Jennifer Hansen

Hoping to hide out in my scrap room for a bit on Saturday after taking my kidlets to the zoo or Science Center for some mommy time!


I love using scraps to make beautiful cards that also reduce the amount of paper I throw away.

Paola Norman

I give out handmade cards to the people I love and feel that appreciate the effort that has gone in making the card. I keep all handmade cards and on occasion add part of the card on a layout or project.
I've entered some card challenges and I'm planing to work on those this coming Saturday.

Carolyn King

Hey Cath--so glad you are taking the time to make some cards this weekend. You don't have to enter me into the drawing because I have it already (smile!) but just wanted to checkout your Moxie Fab blog!
Hugs-Carolyn K

Kerry A

I will be spending WCMD with my boys...going to swimming lessons and such. But, Friday night I get to go to a stamping party and on Saturday I am hoping to get to enjoy some of the online fun after my kiddos go to sleep!

Mandy S in IL

Cute blog! Love all the family pics - looks like you had a blast!

I am lucky enough to spend WCMD with a group of ladies at my MIL's house doing a card swap - my first!! Should be lots of fun!

- Mandy

Tracy M

I love giving hand-made cards because the person knows I thought about THEM when I made it and didn't just pick something up at the store!
Tracy M

Sheri K (bzyPTmom)

I love making and giving handmade cards--it is the perfect way for me to use my creativity, and to give the recipients a "gift" of my time, energy and let them know that I care and love them. I also like that I can complete the project, send it away and it will make someone smile.


I love cardmaking because it's a creative outlet, I like giving something personal and I've met a lot of great people through it. I like to receive handmade cards because it's nice people put an effort in it for me and because I can learn new ideas and techniques through their cards. Thanks for a chance to win! Have fun on WCMD! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies


I downloaded a card to the CK gallery..and I'm in the learning process...I'll be stopping by Saturday to see your cards and hope to participate online.


It's pure joy, isn't it? Making and receiving cards. I'll be online getting challenged on Saturday. Love those fall pictures!

Christine Jensen

I love making a handmade card because it is such a fun, small pallete so I don't feel sometimes overwhelming feeling I get when I look at a 12X12 piece of paper to start a layout. That 4.25X5.5 card seems so much more friendly!

Dawn Waye

I plan to get a start on my Christmas cards for WCMD. Since I started making cards everyone expects handmade ones now. I'm glad they appreciate them!

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