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September 23, 2008


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Susan Neal

Oh Cath...you had me, you truly did. Perfect timing girl. Are you sure you never taught english or something? Sue


LMAO! There's nothing like the dog peeing on the floor to smack you in the face with reality! That's fabulous...


In my best Stevie Wonder voice "You are the punshine of my life!"

Can you just live with me so you can talk to me all day long. Talk to me just like you write? Then you can tell me something really funny at the end and I will just laugh all day?! Just wondering.

susan opel

Not, too poetic, eh?

Brandy J.

Now I know what you and Jennifer were talking about. Leave it to man's best friend to put things in perspective. :) Thanks for the kind compliment, I really appreciate it!

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