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September 03, 2008


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wendy sue

wow, Cath, what an amazing attitude you have -- I love the way you've chosen to honor this slice of your life. Your words are beautiful and I truly admire your perspective. :)

mariann lucy

OK, this brought the tears smarting behind my eyes. I remember you in love with this man and was touched to be reminded of how much you did love him then. You're right the s are the best gifts of you both. Love Mariann

mariann lucy

And besides you look just like Vicky in your
wedding dress. Wow, huh?


Wow, this brought tears to my eyes. How sweet and beautiful.


what a beautiful bride and what beautiful little girls...you have a wonderful attitude and I plan to share you story with a few of my friends which are at the point where things are still a bit too painful to ever believe they will be able to look back on their marriages and see the good that once was.


Your amazing prose has rendered me speechless yet again, wow Cath, I wish I had an inkling of your way with words. I greatly admire your attitude and positive viewpoint.

Miss Pat

Oh Cath. I just love you. *sniff*

Sherry Wright

Wow Cath, this brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful way to honor the day!

celeste rockwood-jones

so touching cath, got me all weepy.


I love that picture of Nicole and Becca! I enjoyed reading all your posts and am glad I found your blog, too.

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