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August 11, 2008


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Hey blog lady!
I can't believe you're in Sun valley--one of my most favorite places to visit as a kid--isn't it amazingly beautiful there---now I want to return.
Sounds like your are truly in your element and relaxing---so happy for you.
My little family thrives on alone time, and not everyone understands our need for it---but each week we HAVE to unplug from the rest of life and shut ourselves in to just be with each other---we may not have a thing to do, but we just need to be together and connect in that important way---then we're off and running again.
Enjoy your wonderful break.

Wendy J-

Hi there, Cath!
So happy for you and glad you made it to Sun Valley safe and sound. I grew up just a short drive away and it truly is a slice of heaven, isn't it? Have a splendid week as you truly deserve this little break!


I loved the overflowing nest, but I am loving the empty nest, too. I'm six years into it, and I have learned to do so many new things. Interests seem to multiply and I can't fit in all the books I want to read.

We've always traveled a lot as a couple, and, like you, we needed that time to bond and remember who we were underneath our role as parents. Now, we often split up for the day, or at least for a few hours, each pursuing our individual interests.

I was once advised to enjoy the present. If you spend your time dreaming of the future, you'll always look at your past with regret. I'm glad I had fun being the mom all those years, but it's fun to rediscover my self!

This was a great topic!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Hi Cath! Enjoy your vacation....so happy to hear that you're getting some R&R!!

Bart and I have a great mix of couple time and alone time. In the fall/winter months, his hobby is reffing high school football & high school and college basketball, so during those months he's gone quite a bit in the evenings which gives him time to do what he loves and gives me time to some things that I love too. But we sure do treasure our together time....it's the best!

celeste rockwood-jones

i LOVE sun valley, and i have to admit i would've chosen tennis... but lucky for us you're not me and therefore we get to enjoy a moment of your beautiful thoughts, a lovely vacation in and of itself.


Sounds like a wonderful vacation Cath, hope you enjoy every ounce of it.

I have plenty of 'alone' time now that my third baby has joined his brother and sister in elementary school... I haven't figured out what to do with myself yet since I haven't been without a child in tow for the past ten years! Family time? Tons of it, since we moved 600+ miles away from our extended family and friends, all we have here is the five of us. Couples time? Once a year (sad but true), for our anniversary, when my parents come down to visit and watch the kids for us.
A morning alone, in a destination of my dreams... I'm envisioning a balcony or screened in porch, a good long book, and a cozy quilt.
Enjoy your R&R!

Stefanie Hamilton

Alone time? I don't know what those words mean. ;-)

We take a family vacation every year, but Mike and I also take separate trips - I go to CHA, and he goes to Wyoming to go fly fishing. Sadly, since CHA is moving far away next year, it doesn't look like that's an option for me anymore, so maybe I'll just take my trip to a spa.

susan stringfellow

Thank you for your thoughts on empty nesting. I married a man with 3 tiny boys so we never had alone time either, rare times on those weekends, but we still have never once had a vacation alone. I am a bit nervous about the empty nesting but some days I just cant wait. Alex is a junior so its not long now. I appreciate your encouraging thoughts. :)

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