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July 02, 2008


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Kim Kesti

I can hear an echo in my head while I read your blog. I really enjoy your writing, so I hope the trade off continues in favor of the blog. Hugs!

Rachel Greig

I'm glad you're trading off watching TV to write this blog - because I love reading it. Love that picture of you both in the mountains. I've only ever seen those mountains in TV and the movies, so *one day* I'd love to travel there and see them for real. :)

Brandy J.

Great post Cath. I'm counting down the hours until tomorrow afternoon and the beginning of our long weekend!


I remember feeling I had my whole life ahead of me, but I wasted time and took the future for granted. I think that's normal and I don't regret it.

Now I feel more urgency to do the things I want to do. I've accepted that I won't do it all, so I give myself permission to choose. I don't do as much out of obligation or because someone else thinks I should. I'm possessive about my time, and I don't want to give it away to things that don't matter to me.

Age has given me a new perspective and accountability for myself. However, it has taken away the energy to actually act on all this newfound wisdom!

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