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July 04, 2008


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Melanie King

Cath, this is one of the most touching things I have ever read! I am in tears here. You are an amazing writer and an amazing mother. Thanks for sharing this lovely tribute. Happy birthday Nicole!

Becky Olsen

Wow, Happy Birthday Nicole!
And what a beautifully told story about her arrival, so touched by how you shared that experience.

Rachel Greig

What an amazing story! I can relate to many of the things you mentioned here. Thanks for sharing - and happy birthday Nicole!!


Thank you for sharing, iam crying out loud now, haha but it is such a beautiful story..pffieuw ;-)

susan opel

Wowsers! And this is why we blog - to tell the stories that need to be told! Totally powerful!

Sorry we missed the party and happy belated birthday to the miracle child!

PS - If I ever have a little girl, I totally plan on naming her Liberty! :)

Kim Kesti

What a beautiful story for a beautiful time (except for the scary part - yikes). My Mom was born on the 4th of July, also. I remember my Grandma saying how her doctor was at a picnic at the lake, too. Oh man. But, she arrived safely and we always enjoy celebrating her bday. She was 65 a couple days ago. Wow.


I love the descriptions here. I didn't want to glance ahead in case the news was not good, and I had tears when she was placed in your arms. Birth is such a miracle.

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