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June 12, 2008


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Rachel Greig

To all our blog friends - I'll have a piece of cake to that!


Hi Cath! Thank you so much for the sweet and supportive comment on my blog! I am definitely trying to follow your advice and "enjoy the ride." Thanks again for your kindness and I'm so glad that we're blogfriends! :)


Ms. Ed, WOW!!! thank you. what a compliment coming from someone i so admire. it's cute that my whole life since we met, i've been referring to 'ms. ed' as my hero and my favorite teacher and someone who truly changed my life. i am so thrilled we have kept in touch!

now that i'm grown up, you seem to get younger and younger! and i see that we have so much in common yet still i have so much i can learn from all of your wisdom.

am happy it's a lifelong friendship. best to you and enjoy the cake!

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