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May 03, 2008


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Paul Whitteker

Big gonrats to Nicole and proud mom Cath!!

Anabelle O'Malley

Wow, congrats to Nicole!!!! Looks like a wonderful celebration. That cake is amazing!

Alice Golden

Congrats! Looks like a fun day - and that cake is amazing - reminds me of one of Stace's creations! Now you and Nicole both deserve some fun R&R. You can call in sick...I won't tell anyone :)

Brandy Jesperson

Congratulations Nichole! I agree with Alice, that cake does look like something a "friend of the Paper Crafts family" might create! :)


The cake definitely was created by "a friend of the Paper Crafts family." Our art director, Stace Hasegawa, designed it from some photos of the uniform I provided, and her friend, Sue, created the cake. Sheer genius and a ton of fun!


Congrats to you Nicole!! And you look every bit of the proud mother Cath, congrats to you too!!
(Love your blog, by the way, and greatly admire your way with words, I've been lurking...)
Have a great day!

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