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May 06, 2008


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wendy sue

chocolate, Cath. You definitely deserve some chocolate. ;) Hope tomorrow will be a better day...just think how much fun it's going to be when you're the grandma!!! Now that's something that can fill up your house - and your heart!!! Sending chocolate covered hugs your way... :o)


Happy hugs to you, Cath! May today be a better one for you.

Alice Golden

Hey Cath - I hear ya! Sending you a big cyber {{{hug}}}. My husband just laughs at me when I start going on about how the kids aren't babies anymore and how fast they are growing up and that I wish I could just freeze them...I know that someday before I know it I'll be feeling just what you are and I don't know what advice to give...chocolate is always a good place to start though :) And start thinking about all the things you CAN do now...and let me know what they are so I can keep it filed away for future reference :) xo

Linda Beeson

Hey, Cath - it gets better! We are finally at that empty nest stage and LOVING it! I just love all of the "me" time. Of course, we have kids that pop in and out and of course we have grandkids that do the same so maybe that does help.
Too bad we don't live closer, we could eat CHOCOLATE together!!!

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