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May 07, 2008


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Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Hi Cath!

The grocery store looks fabulous! Must fix that magazine section though! Haha!

Have a great day!

Kim Kesti

Oy! No Paper Crafts? It would be nirvana if they fix that! I'm totally jealous of your grocery experience - we have nothing like that near me. Mmmm...gelato.


This is NOT fair---I dream about stores like this---I've told you about mine haven't I, lol. If by chance you need some delightful brown bananas, we sell 'em here---bet you can't say that about Harmons :). Enjoy.

Becky Olsen

That store is gorgeous!
I must not be anywhere near you in the valley, the closest Harmons is twenty minutes away!
I will be at my sweet little Dan's where all of your criteria are filled (they are similar to mine) and be getting my groceries there without the mezzanine.


Melanie King

Holy cow, a gelato bar? I thought my local Harmons was pretty fancy, but we don't have that! Luckily your new joint is just a few miles further for me. Happy shopping!

Linda Beeson

OK, I have never heard of that grocery store but I soooo want to go!

Tresa Black

Oh my... I would drive an hour for a grocery store like that. You are so lucky!

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