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May 27, 2008


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Julia Stainton

Sounds like you had a blast! So glad you enjoyed yourself and found some new freedom there!


I'm glad you got to see the positives of NYC. I grew up on Long Island, lived and taught near Jackson Hole for 25 years, and now live on San Juan Island! The population of NYC, as of 2000 census, is a bit over 8 million. While growing up in the 50's, NYC population was around 8 million and has hovered around that figure for many years now. I'm glad you got to see the safety of NYC. It's not dangerous but late-night comedians make it sound like it is. I love the upper west side. (Seinfeld's old stompinmg ground). My father grew up on the upper east side. Not much has changed in the city. By the way, I love Salt Lake City. It's clean, friendly, and knows how to treat tourists. Regards!

Stefanie Hamilton

NYC is my favorite city to visit! Back in the day, I used to go on vacations there by myself and just wander around, waiting for serendipity to strike. And in NYC, it always does. I actually thought for the longest time about living there, but the cost totally freaked me out. And isn't the subway great?! I wish we had one in Nebraska. Now are you going to post all of the lovely stuff you saw at the show? ;-)


oh my. i am so so jealous. i hope you'll give us the behind the scene details about the stationery show. you sound like the li'l country mouse in the big city. way to go!

Becky Olsen

Oh man, what a fantastic experience!
So happy it suited you this time!

Kim Kesti

Ah - I missed this earlier. I loved reading your post. My first trip there was extraordinary, you've captured many of my feelings so eloquently. So happy you found your groove. (And, totally cracked up at the photo of Megan texting - so her!)


Good times! Reading your blog makes me want to be back in the apple. Congratulations on all of your steps this trip! And I'm so with ya on feeling safer on the train than in any cab. Those cabbies are just too bold for my liking. :)


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