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April 24, 2008


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Totally and completely you Cath---I have a beloved pair of Simples myself and they are pure "joy".

Alice Golden

those are definitely Cath shoes...but I'm worried about how they might clash with the Christmas socks... :)

Paul Whitteker

Just what I needed this morning....it put a smile on my face! Vintage Cath on Cath.


Oh my heck. THOSE are so stinkin' cute! Do they come in other colors? I think I must have a pair, too. Off to check it out (you enabler).

Becky Olsen

Those are MOXIE FAB shoes and that is so my green, you are a serious enabler!
I have been surfing that sight (thanks for the link!) with my daughters and we are equally impressed with all of the wonderful choices and I feel the money draining out of my account already!


Oh - now "I'm" in trouble. I just LOVE those shoes. Agghh - the things that give us joy. Love your blog!!

Kim Hughes

you are SO stinkin' CUUUUTE! Love reading about your day and ahhh' the simple pleasures in such darling eco-frinedly shoes (great choice). :)


OH MY WORD!!! I've NEVER seen cuter sneakers in my LIFE!! I am going to (NOOO, STOP ME) check out the (HEEELLLPPPPPP!) site right now!
I need joy on my feet :)

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