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April 23, 2008


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cath, (aka ms. ed) welcome to the club! it's going to be so wonderful to read your writings on a regular basis!

you've already given us a lovely synopsis which leaves me wanting more.. and yes, i've known about your 'wrap-around porch' since my eighth grade year, and have dreamed of a house like that for myself!

hooray for blogs, hooray for the internet and hooray for a most fabulous way to exchange ideas and record your thoughts.. i'll be coming back often.

Layle Koncar

Hey you! Noticed your blog from my blog stats. So fun to read so much about you, Cath. Looking forward to what else you have to say!

wendy smedley

welcome to this wonderful world-
thanks for sharing so much about yourself-I was thinking of you yesterday when I went to Red Butte to see the daffodils- if you haven't been lately add it to your list!

celeste rockwood-jones

cath joining the blogging world? i'll drink to that!! you've got such great humor and insight, i'm sure i'll be visiting often.

Lisa Strahl

CATH!!!! Yahooo! I can't wait to read your bliggidy blog honey! :-D

Becky Olsen

Yay a Cath Blog!!!
Loved reading about you!
I call that time of day the "alpenglow" don't know where I came up with that, but it speaks to me too.
You will be on my must read list, so don't leave me hanging please (like Celeste sometimes does, LOL!)

Kim Kesti

Cath blogging? Schweeeet. Love your opener. But, you forgot you are a breakfast lover, too. Right? LOL. Can I count on you as a fast friend on my blog?

Jennifer Strano

Cath! Woman! Girl on the move!!!

So glad to see you have a blog because I have always loved how you write. I promise to never judge the quality of your blog on any typos you may commit in the future.

jen strano ---- r u going to NYC for the Stationery show?

wendy sue

Cath - it's so fun to learn more about you! You are an amazing writer - I know I'll enjoy your blog posts as you add to your new baby! :o)

Jessica Witty

Braver than I, my friend! It's going to be a hit, I'm sure!

Betsy V

Hey Cath! So glad to see you blogging. Loved reading more about you. Oh, and I live in a little yellow house as well, but, unfortunately one without a wrap around porch. :-) Happy blogging!


Fantastic! Congrats on the new blog. I am so glad you got started because I never knew about your band family and all! Guess what? I played the clarinet, then bass, then the Bbb Contra bass Clarinet thru 2 years of college. My oldest son played clarinet and paid for two years of college. He was also a drum major in high school and college. My youngest is in 10th grade and he just switched from clarinet to Eb Contra. LOL! How fun is that!? I have a blog for showing my family and friends my scrapbook pages but thats because I avoid any writing that I can. :)

Have a great time with it!

Kezia Whitteker

You are one of my most favorite gals in the entire world. I am privileged to have one of your handmade cards sitting right here on my desk as I type and I cherish it! So thrilled you are blogging! See you soon in NYC!

Kim Hughes

ahhh, how wonderful Cath. I am enjoying getting to know you better and I look forward to reading more. I'll definitely drink to that! :)

Alice Golden

yay Cath! you know I always love reading your blog posts on the PC site and how wonderful to share so many interesting personal tidbits...looking forward to the next installment. xo

Stefanie Hamilton

How fun is this?! I always wanted you to get a blog, because you know too much about me from mine. ;-)

Paul Whitteker

You are AMAZING!! I love that you shared so much of yourself and looking forward to checking back often. Keep being your MOXIE FAB self!

Alisa Bangerter

Hey Cath, You are an amazing writer! Just reading your intro makes me want to read more. I will be dropping by often....

Sharon Laakkonen

What a wonderful read! I also play the clarinet and I *used* to speak French. :P I am looking forward to learning more about you. Thank you for sharing!


What a treat to get and sit and listen to you talking to me through my little copmter--I love the way you write Cath---you are just as sweet and kind as ever!
So happy to connect with you my friend!


Hello Cath! :)
So happy to see your blog! I'll be back often.

Rachel Greig

Hey Cath - so happy to see you here in blogland! What a wonderful intro, so great to get to know you a little more. I look forward to keeping up with your blog! :)

Karen Desmet

Welcome to the blog world! I love learning bits and pieces about others and to read about your background and life is awesome! I look forward to coming back and visiting! :)

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