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Hi. My name is Cath. I am the wearer of many hats. One hat I wear is that of creative editor of Paper Crafts magazine. Paper Crafts is a sweet little magazine that publishes handmade card ideas with a circulation upwards of 200K. I love working there, but that is another story.

Other hats I wear are that of mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, aunt, and book lover. I play the clarinet and the piano, I speak French, and I love to cook. My favorite food in the whole world is red wine and I like to say “I’ll drink to that” whenever I agree with something emphatically.

I’ve been married twice. The second time I got it right. Really right.

I have two beautiful daughters, Nicole (21) and Rebeccah (19.) Those I got right the first time.

I’ve lived on the Wasatch Front my entire life. I am 44 years old but it feels more like I’m 32.

My dad was bipolar. He committed suicide. Those two facts of my life have had more impact on me than anything yet so far.

I used to be a teacher. I taught English and creative writing to middle school students for ten years. I was pretty good at it, it was the way I defined who I was, but I burned out, and now I miss it, but not enough to go back. That is another story as well.

I owned my own handmade card business for five years. It was called Cards by Cath and it felt like it was one of my children. It was born from my own ideas; I gave it love, time, and attention; and I felt like it was a complete and utter extension of myself. I learned a great many things from the experience, the most important of which was that for me, gainful employment attached to a salary is best. And although my little baby has grown apart from me and left home, it did get me the job I currently have, and that, indeed is truly a gift.

I live in a little yellow house with a wrap-around porch where my husband, who is named Mark, and I like to host parties of all kinds, both small and large. In that little yellow house with a wrap-around porch there is a book club that gathers once a month. We read good stuff and have even better discussions. We’re in our seventh year. We are very close friends.

I have an aunt who is just a year-and-a-half older than me. We grew up like sisters. We aren’t as close anymore, but we will always have our childhoods.

I have two younger brothers. Eric has been married to my best friend for twenty years now. We lived within two miles of each other for ten out of twelve years. They moved to New Hampshire four-and-a-half years ago and I am still not over it. My other brother Larry lives nearby and is one of the funniest guys I know.

My mom is a retired elementary school teacher who is now a painter. Her medium is watercolor and she travels the country going to workshops to hone her skill.

My great-grandfather was a band director. My grandfather was a band director. My dad was a band director. There are four more band directors and eight more teachers in my extended family. It is The Family Vocation.

My favorite time of the day is Bluetime. Seen most easily in the wintertime, it is that sliver of time in which the sun sinks just below the horizon, saturating all that can be seen in a quiet blue glow, rich and deep. It happens also in the early morning just before the sun rises, but I am more likely to see it in the evening, and when I catch it (for it doesn’t last long), I experience a kind of happy that resonates deep within me. For if there is one thing to describe me, Cath, it is that I am intimately connected to Mother Nature. She holds me, she feeds me, she speaks to me, and she makes me strong.

These are the things that define who I am. These are the fragments that when pulled together create a cohesive whole. These are the pieces of me, Cath, that you need to know so that we may begin.