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December 03, 2014


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Kim Heggins

So so amazing! I loved seeing all your wonderful photos and reading about how special this magazine was to you and so many others. And your card is about as beautiful as they can get.

Michelle Lupton

YOu always amaze me with your paper cutting skills - just stunning, Cath!

Kelly Griglione

I really hesitated leaving a comment, because I feel so passionately about the impact PC&S and you have had on my crafting life, that what on Earth could I write that would convey that? Well, of course, nothing I could think of would ever suffice, so I am not even going to attempt it. Except to say, this is almost my favorite post ever. Not my favorite, because, well, you know, the subject matter is crazy-sad. But I thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many pictures that were new to me (being an online community I think we may value photos of our friends a lot more than photos of those we know in person). The goth/zombie Halloween photo is AMAZING, as is the flower child photo. Wow, I knew you all had fun, but that's SERIOUS fun! Your words of course are succinct, compassionate, and beautiful. Thank you again for all you have done for this community, Cath. Much love, Kelly

Kelly Griglione

Oh dear, I got so wrapped up in things, I forgot to squeal over your paper cutting!! WOW!!! I am just in awe. That is truly amazing.

Kathy Mc

Things just haven't been the same without you, Cath. What a fabulous tribute to your papecrafting friends and the whole gang at PC & S. Your message is beautifully written and so is your intricate work of art. You and them will all be missed not only for the awesome giveaways but the fact you people put your heart and soul into this for us. Happy Holidays!

Holly AKA KopyKat

Fabulous card

Lucy E.

You had me at Moxie Fab!!!
I can't even remember how I stumbled upon the Moxie Fab blog, but I do remember what a fun and imaginative writer you were. I wish that I would have found out about PC & S earlier. I only knew of it for a year and 1/2.
I have grown to love the magazine and the genuine and talented people behind it.
Thanks for sharing your ideas, inspiration and emotions with us.
I hope to keep up with you and some of the other gals on Pinterest, FB and blogs.

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